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Another legend gone, he was the best spock and made star trek awesome, thanks for the memories spock may you live long and prosper up in heaven. 



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DigiPonyTheDigimon Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Student this might be the hope for Sparkster to come in SSB4! I got the link from here:… The Ballot will end in October 3rd, 2015 (By the way nice art :) )
cobra10 Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks :) and glad you like My sparkster fan art, I will draw more of him at some stage, I need to get back into drawing (currently drawing some backgrounds for a videogame but trying to free up more time to do it at present (keep getting snowed in but getting there).

Also that poll itself will only work for people in Japan (I think) as a friend linked Me the one for Europe and the rest of the world as we couldn't submit on that one for some reason, this has been passed on to many places online and I guess we just have to hope enough people vote for the awesome opossum.

Also agreed, snake felt out of place in smash and sparkster is much more of a worthy fit, he's very unknown sadly but doesn't deserve to be (still not sure why the world doesn't find an opossum in armor with a jetpack who can pilot a mech as awesome, yet a blue hedgehog who can run fast (which was fine as a kid) seriously sucks now (prefer tails and knuckles and I was a massive die hard sonic fan growing up but as soon as rka came out I started to prefer sparkster also due to being more challenging and it's a shame he gets the rep of lol sonic clone when he never was (rka2 made him punkish and a bit sonicish but the original (see avatar) he was far from that and frankly every game after rka1 I pretty much count as non canon as sparkster is so different in every one after). 

How can an animal character made by non other then the great Nobuya Nakazato (contra alien wars and hardcorps fame) be a sonic clone?...the mind really boggles, it also got a rap for hey it ripped off sonic and knuckles, much as I love sonic and knuckles that game ripped off a lot of rka and was out a year or two later (two bosses ripped from rka in that game, it also did anti gravity first (then again strider did long before either so) and it had a pigstar as it was parodying a bit of star wars, hell bucky o hare had similar and I'm pretty sure star fox may've had one too, also sparkster has a spin attack but blanka and samus did long before sonic, again I don't hate sonic but these days I just don't really care for him (colours and generations was great (should've had playable tails and knuckles atleast though as I'm pretty sure tails saved sonic at the end of sonic 2 and knuckles helped sonic get to the death egg in sonic and knuckles, sonic was only one part of the original trilogy, tails and knuckles were the others (couldn't care less for sonics friends after that point though), I like the sonic boom cartoon though for some reason and robotnik is the best character by far in that. 
DigiPonyTheDigimon Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Student
I didn't think RK was a ripoff of STH I think they are both original and his 2010 design makes him a teenager.
cobra10 Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Same, sadly some people still have that notion that he's sonic clone simply because he's an animal mascot (donkey kong was out long before sonic and he's strangely never called a dk clone), again I like both franchises but I think they're not similar at all and still hearing it from some just gets tiring and yeah they're both original and unique (earthworm jim is another unique character) and as for his rk design the artist I respect (Peter Lumby) but konami wanted this design, I think he looked a bit better in the artwork for the game (still wish he didn't have some tube to connect to his sword and rocket pack though that never needed an explanation (it's a magic sword, just like the master sword and it gives sparkster a massive disadvantage with that), along with not firing projectiles with the sword anymore, manually charging the rocket pack (why did they ever get rid of that..).

I really hope they continue rka someday, I have a few drawings I did of sparkster a few years ago where I thought of a castlevania rka style game crossed with metroid where sparkster can upgrade his armor, rocket pack and sword in an rpg style game that still has the arcade feel of the original ( I also have some cool moves I think he could have ). 
evilwaluigi Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2015
Thanks for the watch~
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